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2016 Canton High Mock Trial Team - Final 4!

The Denby Law Office congratulates the Canton High School Mock Trial Team for their superior performance in this year’s Massachusetts Bar Association High School Mock Trial Competition. 132 teams, all across Massachusetts, competed in this year’s competition, and the Canton Mock Trial team fought zealously all the way to the Final Four competition.

Canton High School won each of their three preliminary trials, whereby assuming the title of Region 9 winners. The Denby Law Office proudly notes that, for each of the preliminary trials, the Canton Mock Trial Team won each trial based, not only upon their numerical score, but also on the merits of the case presented.

On March 6, 2016, the top 32 teams competed at Regionals, hosted by Clark University. This year’s regional competition was designed as a single elimination, with a morning trial and an afternoon trial. However, only the 16 teams that won their morning trial would move on to the Sweet Sixteen Competition in the afternoon. Continuing its winning streak, Canton soared to the Elite 8 by winning both its morning trial against Malden Catholic High School, and the afternoon trial, against St. John’s High School.

On March 14, 2016, the top eight high school mock trial teams appeared at the Worcester County Courthouse for the Elite 8 Competition. After a nerve wracking three-hour trial against Bishop Feehan High School, Canton was again deemed the winner, both based upon its numerical score, and upon the merits of the case. After a short lunch break, Canton was paired up against Boston Latin High School for the Final Four Competition. Despite putting on a flawless trial, Canton lost by a very narrow margin. Nevertheless, making it all the way to the Final Four is a title that few schools ever achieve.

Mrs. Donna Bauman has led the Canton High School Mock Trial Team since she started the club over a decade and half ago. Attorney Gabrielle L. Denby served as the team’s Attorney Coach this year,

“I am exceptionally proud of the kids, and honored to have coached such a talented group of students. Since November the team has practiced five days a week, and since December, the team added Saturday practices which lasted for three hours or more. This year, they made it further in the competition than they ever have; I am certain they will continue to be one of the top schools in the years to come.

At almost every trial the Judges complemented the team’s performance. In fact, at most trials the Judges pointed out student attorney, Rachel Vatelia, a junior, as presenting the best arguments they had seen all year. The kids really came into their own. Each and every student improved this year. I know that I was extremely hard on some of the kids, and I can happily say, that when they competed at the final four, all their hard work paid off.”

This year’s trial was a Medical Malpractice Case- Pat Varma v. Samantha/Samuel Kang, M.D. The plaintiff, Pat Varma, an avid star soccer player, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014. In 2011, three years prior to this diagnosis, the defendant had performed heart surgery on the plaintiff after her/his heart had stopped following a soccer game. While the surgery performed by the defendant saved the plaintiff’s life, the plaintiff alleges that the defendant acted negligently in other respects. The Plaintiff asserts that, but for Dr. Kang's negligence, his/her cancer would have been diagnosed in 2011. The plaintiff alleges that, had the cancer been diagnosed in 2011, treatment options would have been available, and his/her prognosis would have been significantly better. The defendant denies that she/he acted negligently.

The Canton Mock Trial Team has accomplished amazing things this year. Each and every team member should be very proud of their dedication and performances.

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