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Divorce - Effective Summer Vacation Planning

Summer is rapidly approaching!

Ideally parents will agree on how to share the summer vacation time with their children even if they are in the middle of a contested divorce. However, experience shows that sometimes attorneys have to negotiate or have an attorney for the child appointed or arrange for a custody case worker to assist when the parents can not agree.

Most parents do not divide the summer equally in half, that of course can be done. Instead most parents arrange to have two or three weeks of exclusive parenting time with their children during this time.

This way each parent can go away with the children without the daily/weekly back and forth of the "regular" schedule. Some parents will provide that the week not be consecutive whereas others do not object.

The key to working out the summer schedule is communication with the other parent. Ideally, let the other parent know which weeks you want before the end of the school year, this way the other parent can also make plans with the children. The key is to work it out, communicate effectively and be considerate of each others time and feelings.

Parents that truly desire resolution will reach an agreement. Parents that cannot be flexible or where one parent is unreasonable will find themselves in court instead of enjoying time with their children.

Gabrielle L. Denby, Esquire


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