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The Denby Law Office, P.C.

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Attorney Gabrielle Denby has joined the prestigious litigation firm, Todd & Weld LLP. She will continue to serve clients in all areas of divorce and family law. 

You may contact Attorney Denby at (617) 720-2626 or

The Denby Law Office, P.C., Natick, MA
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Attorney Gabrielle L. Denby

Award Winning Massachusetts Family Law & Divorce Attorney

Attorney Denby's familiarity and outstanding reputation with the judges in Family & Probate Court serves her clients well. She understands that divorce and related family law matters can be an emotionally trying experience. She prides herself in delivering exceptional client services, working hard to avoid unnecessary and costly litigation and making herself available for her clients during this difficult time.

The Denby Law Office, P.C., Natick, MA
The Denby Law Office, P.C., Family Law, Divorce, Wills & Estate Planning, LGBTQ Law, Same Sex Marriage, Most Trusted Lawyer, Best Attorney, Award Winning, Boston & Natick, MA
The Denby Law Office, P.C., Natick, MA

Divorce & Family Law

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Divorce Mediation

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Family Law


Ed, Client

"Through an odd course of events, I engaged Gabrielle to consult with me on my divorce action. She did not represent me as such, but rather reviewed my case and provided some guidance as it seemed rudderless. It may seem unusual to hire a second attorney, but for me it was money well spent."

Susan, Client

"I consulted with attorney Gabrielle Denby for a second opinion on a post-divorce Stipulation (under construction) that needed to be presented at court within a few days. She initially comes across as a quiet and considered individual. She listens, absorbs detail and opinions, and examines in detail the financials of the case..."

Justin, Client

This was not our first go around with family court. When we met with Gabrielle we stressed it was very important to us that our lawyer really advocate for us. This was not an easy case by any means and Gabrielle could see this. However she absolutely met every expectation we had and firmly represented us with only our best interests at all times..." 

Eric, Client

"Very Pragmatic, sharp, responsive. Excellent Attorney! Attorney Denby took the time to listen to my case. It was very obvious the first time I meet her that she was smart, efficient and kind. I highly recommend Attorney Denby."

Shayna, Client

"Glad she was by my side! From the day I consulted with Gabrielle to our many days in court including trial ,Gabrielle has stood by my side and put me at ease.. She is extremely knowledgeable, reasonable and fights for what is fair! I would highly recommend Gabrielle to anyone!!"

Anonymous, Client

Divorce can require people to fight for a fair result even when fighting is not in their nature. When children are involved it can require parents to compromise and work together, just as they've decided that they can't and never will be able to agree. "

Dennis, Client

"My wife and I were searching for a lawyer to update our Estate Planning documents since the lawyer who originally prepared our documents is retiring in a couple of months and we needed a new lawyer who could handle future updates as well..."

Gary, Client

We had an excellent experience working with the Denby Law Office on our estate plan. They were accurate, timely, efficient and professional. What more could you ask for in developing your estate planning documents?"


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New Location

Todd & Weld LLP

One Federal Street

Boston, Massachusetts 02110

The Denby Law Office, P.C., Natick, MA
The Denby Law Office, P.C., Natick, MA
The Denby Law Office, P.C., Natick, MA


The Denby Law Office, P.C., Natick, MA
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